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EMI / RFI Mobile COMM Enclosures


EMI / RFI Mobile COMM Enclosure (MCE55)

S.W.O.R.D. Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of shielded enclosures to provide proper protection for communication and electronics equipment. We provide EMI shielding to prevent external EM / RF sources from penetrating any sensitive environment.

Frequency Range
Ni Cu Ag Single Layer
90+ Db, Materials are tested from 10 MHz to 18GHz utilizing MIL-STD 285
.05 OHMS


5' x 5' x 5'
42" L x 8" H x 8" W Stowed Mode
Weight 9.5 lbs. - 12 lbs. (Dependent on Bulkhead COMM Ports)
Other Dimensions by COTs 4' x4' x 4' and 6' x 6' x 6'
Custom sizes available

Standard Features:

Black Cadura Soft Case
Fire Retardant Outer Shell
Water Resistant
Color Black


Exterior View

LED Rope Lights
EMI Mesh Windows (Note : with flap open mitigation at 70 Db, window flap closed 90+Db
M.O.L.L.I.E. Case
ECS Case
Available in a multitude of colors and MIL-SPEC patterns
COMM Ports (EMI Bulkhead Signal Connectors, EX: DB 9, DB 15, DB 25, USB, Ethernet, etc.)