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EMI Signal Security Shelter

Portable RF secure Space Via Ultra-light Fabric-based Structures
The portable RF shielded enclosure provides superior RF shielding in a fabric based structure which reduces the strength of the RF signal emanations from computers and communications gear to a much lower (safer) level as they exit the shielded area. In turn eliminating the electronic eavesdropping event.

* Shielding effectiveness can range from 80 db to 100 db depending upon user specified power & signal configurations, types of RF materials used & physical design of enclosure

* Extremely portable (one-man operation), setup in ten to twelve minutes

* Lighting and air ventilation (air conditioning optional)

* Power and signal entry panels configured per customer / user specifications

* Single-piece expandable aluminum frame, sets up in one minute

* Durable ballistic cloth bags for transport and storage (optional hardened cases for shipping)

* Optional - Rugged Uninterruptable Power Voltage Converters (4 plug-ins), International use

* Optional - Ruggedized Portable ECU Systems available in 600,8000,and 12,000 BTU's

Portable RF Enclosure size 9' x 12'

Vehicle Enclosure (under construction)
24L x 16W x 10H

The shielded enclosure product line consists of several sizes. Each tent is a six-sided structure with doors, ventilation ports, power, and signal bulkheads. Shielding materials used range from screening, non-woven, plain weave, and rip-stop. An external single piece aluminum frame holds the structure in place. Foyers can be added to provide the user with the ability to enter and exit without having to shut down operations. Power and signal requirements identified by the users are incorporated into the aluminum plates that attach to permanently mounted docking rings on the enclosure. The power and signal plates are removable and stow in a transport and storage bag. The waveguide ventilation ports are designed to hold hoses for ECU systems (both AC and heat). The shielded enclosures can be assembled in minutes by one to two persons. The enclosure provides mobile RF secure operational space for command and control environments as well as for corporate continuity of operations (COOP). Indoor and outdoor configurations are available.

Exterior EMI / RFI Enclosure

Interior Enclosure White Wall