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Forensic Hard Cases

EMI / RFI Forensic Hard Cases

These cases can be used to assist with evidence collection. Once your evidence is secure in our kit there is no chance of data being erased while in transport to the forensic lab. The case is easily portable, and user friendly. The inner cases can be conformed to the customers requirements in the field. We also have the TSA padlocks to secure your evidence before leaving your secured area with your evidence.
Standard Features:
* Waterproof
* Impact Resistant
* Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
* Crushproof
* Powerclaw™ Latching system
* Soft Grip Foldable Handle
* Lightweight NK-7™ Resin
* Padlockable
* 100% Stainless Steel Hardware
* High Performance Gasket
* Automatic Pressure Release Valve
* Molded-in Bezel System
* Integrated Lid Stay
* Stackable

Forensic Hard Cases:
EMI / RFI inserts made to your specifications