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EMI Protective Gear



S.W.O.R.D. Inc. designs and manufactures personal protection suit effective shielding against electromagnetic fields. This shielded clothing is worn while working in an environment with high electromagnetic radiation (RFI/ EMI).

The electromagnetic radiation protective clothing is made in multitude of sizes and configurations. The EMIPPS come standard with pockets, gloves, and face protection. Optional suits can be made without face protection, or incorporated into field use attire.

Radar Operators
Power Line Technicians
Laboratory Workers
EMI / RFI Test Technicians

Technical Specifications:

Electromagnetic field shielding is created using

the Faraday Cage principle and has been shown

in testing to provide reductions in RF fields

(non-ionizing) of at least 90% in the frequency

range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz.
Protect against short-term biophysical effects:

Tissue heating
Stimulation of muscles, nerves or sensory organs
Indirect biophysical effects such as interference with cardiac pacemakers  

Hhas designed and developed Class 2 RF Personal Protection Equipment
(RF PPE) specifically for those working near radio broadcast and radio communication antennae.

It protects workers against the armful direct effects of non ionising electromagnetic radiation in accordance with current recommendations (Directive 2013/35/EU for European workers).

This RF PPE or RF Protective Clothing is suitable for all those who carry out work of any kind on antennae where they may be exposed to non ionizing electromagnetic radiation or to significant RF fields.

The RF PPE comprises:
A double fastening overalls.
A under combination with hood.
A balaclava with visor.
A pair of lined leather gloves.
A pair of over-socks.

download Pdf Data sheet :
RF PPE 403246 and RF PPE 503246
The EGIS RF PPE reference 403246 & 503246, bear the CE mark in accordance with
European regulations (Directive 89/686/EEC ).

General info about Radio Frequency & Microwave EMF/EMR Protection clothing

EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) protection clothing (mainly for RF/MW) are currently very rare to find and are usually very expensive. In the past few years we have been trying, testing and developing different solutions of personal RF/MW protection ware. Now we present our line of personal RF/MW protection ware that was created in order to allow EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people to live, work and travel in today's world, of high RF/MW radiation levels, more freely and with reduced exposure.

Please note that RF/MW protection clothing does not block all the RF/MW from all directions, but it can reduce the exposure of an EHS person. When wearing the RF/MW protection clothing you must avoid using or carrying any RF/MW emitting device (e.g. using cellphones).

We recommend using these RF/MW protection clothing by EHS people only, since EHS people will be able to feel the improvement that the exposure reduction will bring. RF/MW protection clothing is not for people who use RF devices.


The RF/MW protection jackets, pants and shirts are currently manufactured upon order and per request.
The cloth for all these items is cut, trimmed and stitch, especially for every customer. If an item is specially ordered (not from stock) we can't offer money back guarantee for this item. For Hats, Jackets and Pants that were ordered from out stock we do offer money back guaranty. Please read more on our return policy here.
RF protective clothing are for EHS people only but some EHS people may actually feel discomfort when wearing them.
The fabric contains metals, and some may react to that. make sure you are not allergic to the type of fabric and fibers.
Some types of EMF/EMR may get through the clothing and in some conditions may cause problems.
In addition the clothing can in some cases block the body's own EMF/EMR (yes we as humans also make EMR/EMR)
and can cause discomfort.
RF/MW protection clothing is not for every one. We suggest you try one item (we suggest to start with a hat) and if you feel an improvement get more items.