Simple Cost-Effective Counter-Measures To Negate Cyber Security Threats
A Range Of Soft and Hard Enclosures and Shelters, Blankets, Pouches, Cases and Protective Clothing

EMI / RFI Blankets / Curtains


RF Blankets / IED Blankets

A range of RF screened blankets is available in the following standard sizes:
* 3' x3'
* 6' x 6'
* 10' x 10'
* 13' x 13'
* Special sizes available upon request.

They are supplied with weighted seams, in durable cordura carrying bags.
* Area of control 10 MHz to 18 GHz at 90 dB+

* Grommet points
* Mil-Spec Type IV 1" webbing chain loop

RF Blankets and IED Blankets

RF Blanket / IED Blanket with protective hard case

IED Blanket
To minimize collateral damage.
This program is being developed to deploy the IED Blanket via explosive ordinance disposal robot to impede remote detonation in high collateral areas.
* RF shielded IED Blanket may be combined with Kevlar to enhance ballistic performance.
RF Shielded Wall and Window Curtains
The shielded wall and window curtains are designed to provide quick and easy shielding for static and mobile operations. Grommets are installed at the top and ground straps are attached at the sides and bottom. A lightweight layer of non-conductive material is added to protect the shielding material from finger oils over time. These curtains can be made in virtually any size. Additional uses include RF shielding of entire rooms, partitioned areas and windows.