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EMI / RFI Tactical Electronic Security Pack

* Used to gather evidence quickly, and securely.

Dimensions L13" x W7.5" x H7"

Outer Shell: Constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura, Mil-Spec Webbing

Available in Black, ACU Digital, Coyote
EMI / RFI Dump Bag

These pouches are designed to provide RF shielded storage for seized or captured electronics belonging to terrorists, criminals, and other threats. The pouch eliminates the chances of remote manipulation by criminal association thereby preventing any changes from taking place before a complete analysis is done. A DNA / EDI liner is also used to preserve the original DNA / EDI traces left by the owner.

EMI / FRI Dump Bag open

EMI / RFI Tactical electronic Security Pack

EMI /RFI Dump Bag

EMI / RFI Dump Bag

Dimensions L10" x W6" x H8.5"

Outer Shell constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura, Mil-Spec Webbing, and water repellent collar with drawstring.

Available in Black, ACU Digital
EMI RFI Pouch Inserts


* Reusable RF Pouch

* Permit RF devices to be removed & processed at another location

* Evidence is secure by pouch closure

* Card holder for chain of evidence

* Available sizing to customers request